2009 Resolution Recap

December 30th, 2009 Posted in Knitting

Picture of me in snow wearing my Noro Striped Scarf courtesy of Lola at theshutterette.com <– an AH-mazing photo blog.

A year ago, I listed some knitting resolutions for 2009. Let’s see how I did…

Projects I’d like to complete in 2009:

  • Finish the Boyfriend Pullover – Yep, done. Now, if I can get him to wear it, ha!
  • Noro striped scarfAlso done, and being put to use above. I LOVE this scarf.
  • Top-down sweater for my mom (using a pattern from Custom Knits) – OK, made it for myself instead, the Racing Stripe cardi.
  • Throw blanket on super large needles with several worsted strands held together – Never got around to this, but would like to push it to 2010 goal list.
  • Lacey sweater vest (want to create my own pattern for this one) – Maybe also pushing to 2010 goals. Eh, might be over this idea.
  • Purple Ravens woolie cap (for next season) – Made a black hat with ear covers that I planned to edge with purple crochet, however the hat is too big and looks like an old school helmet, and I suck at crochet! This is still in the works… probably to be frogged. I probably need to add crochet skillz as a 2010 goal.
  • Something plaid – What an odd goal…?

Techniques I’d like to learn:

  • Toe-up socks – Yes, learned this, and love it! Made my sister Leyburns, but never took a picture.
  • Steeking – Never ventured here. Still really want to learn this, but also think I may enjoy the seamless sweater the most.
  • Cables without a cable needle – I tried this one day, but didn’t really enjoy it. Those loose stitches freak me out, and I really don’t mind using a cable needle.
  • Jogless stripes – Yes! Very easy. I started a pair of striped mittens, but never finished them. To be continued…
  • 2 socks at a time on 1 needle – Nope, but I still think I need to try this. I have a problem with socks not ending up the same size, and also finishing one sock and dreading the next. Wendy Bernard recently put up a great tutorial for 2 socks at a time that made it look pretty simple.

Up next… Knitting resolutions for 2010.

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  2. By lola on Jan 8, 2010

    aw thanks for the shout out dahling! you’ve done a lot this year! you need to sell some stuff on etsy for real. i promise i will get it together for eastern market and we can both sell our merch. hehe :)

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