Another reason to buy yarn

February 9th, 2010 Posted in FOs, Weaving

Look! I’m weaving! My bf got me a Kromski Rigid Heddle Harp loom for Christmas. I absolutely love it. It wasn’t too bad figuring out the whole dressing thing — the New Voyager website has all sorts of videos to explain the process.

I kind of feel a bit loony with this whole weaving thing. Like, knitting… knitting is popular. Trendy, some would say. But not so many people have jumped onto weaving… or maybe they have, they are just chillin on farms in the middle of Montana and don’t have access to internet. I have to move furniture around to work with this loom, and when I finally set down with a glass of wine, watching the Bachelor and weaving away, I think if anyone came in right now (save my bf, he knows the deal) they would sure have a quizzical look.

Anyways, since I’ve got the loom, all I can think of is plaid plaid plaid. I’ve been leaning in to strangers’ plaid coats on the metro to check the color schemes. Seriously. So, this is my first plaid scarf. Kind of think it looks like a dish rag around my neck? Oh well. I need to play around more with different colors, this one was made with stuff I just had lying around.

p.s. Snomageddon 2010 has hit my neighborhood:

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