Resolutions 2010

January 10th, 2010 Posted in Knitting

Some goals for 2010…


– Dolman sweater knit from wrist to wrist (a la the Anthropologie one I die for, but could never justify purchasing) – I’m thinking Ultra Alpaca
– 2 socks at a time on one circular (this was pushed from last year’s goals)
– Bulky throw blanket (also pushed from last year)
– Hat that I will wear everywhere (something like Felicity or Ripley)
Clapotis scarf


– Master my weaving skills (more to come on that subject)
– Knit AND purl using continental method. Ack! This one is a long time coming… I can do it, it just feels so awkward, and I lazily always switch back to throwing. I just need to make a ton of dish towels or something to feel comfortable with it, and get my tension consistent.

Something I really want to do this year is submit a knitting design pattern to a publication. I’ve had such a amazing response to my pattern for the Gwen Slouch beret, and I would love to get something out to an even larger audience.

In general, I need to be less lazy about picture taking of my projects, and keep my Ravelry project page up to date. It seems that the more I document things, the more inspired I get, so I need to document EVerything.

Happy New Year, and here’s to another year of knitting, purling, weaving, and blogging!

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