Colorful Austin Shorties

August 29th, 2010 Posted in FOs, Knitting

I bought this lovely Koigu KPPPM when visiting Austin in June at super cute shop called Hill Country Weavers — also, it had AC which was greatly needed at the time! I wanted to knit some toe-up short socks for myself for lounging around the house.

Here is the generic sock pattern I used and the different methods for cast-on/toe/heel/bind-off:

Needle:  Size 2 36″ circular needle
Gauge:  20 st = 4″ in stockinette

Cast on 20 stitches (or half as many as the total number of stitches you want your sock to be), using Judy Becker’s Magic Cast-on method for provisional cast-on, onto 1 long circular needle. This is the best provisional cast-on method I have ever experienced!!! No crochet hook, no waste yarn needed! Love it.

Knit all stitches in the round.

Knit Increase round: k1, kfb, k to last 2 st, kfb, k1

Repeat last 2 rounds until there are 40 stitches (or total # of stitches for your personal foot size).

Knit round and round until you are ready to start your heel.

Knit heel using Priscilla Wild’s short row heel method — no wraps necessary! I made short rows until there were 8 working stitches on the needle.

Knit round and round until the sock reaches the height you want.

For mine, I did about 8 rows of moss stitch to finish. Then, I cast-off using Elizabeth Zimmermann’s sewn bind off:  * Sew forward (right to left) through two stitches as if to purl, leave the stitches on. Sew backward (left to right) through one stitch as if to knit and remove the stitch. Repeat from * until you run out of stitches. Work in tail on the inside of the sock and trim any excess.

This bind off makes the top of your sock stretchy, so you can actually get it on your foot!

Heel & Ankle:

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