Gwen En Français

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I’m excited and flattered to report that my Gwen Slouchy Beret pattern has been translated into French by Jonathan Ayers, who is a knitting instructor at Effiloché in Montreal, Quebec! The response to this pattern in general has really inspired me, and I’m happy that it will now be available to French speaking folk.

If you notice any issues with this French version, just let me know, and I can pass the word on to Jonathan.

Here it is:

Beret Framboise
(“Raspberry Beret” — inspired by Prince)
model par Lauren Nell Roy (Gwen Slouchy Beret,
adapté et traduit par Jonathan Ayers

Timi Quipa 100% Baby Alpaga
2 echeveaux de 50 g

Aiguilles circulaire 4.0mm x 40 cm
jeu d’aiguilles à doulbe pointe, 4.0 mm

Aug I. — augmentation intercallaire: prendre le brin intercallaire entre deux mailles sur l’aiguille gauche, et tricote dans le brin arrière pour effectuer une aumentation simple
2 end. ens. — tricoter 2 mailles ensemble à l’endroit, comme une seule maille
surj. s. — surjet simple: glisser une maille à l’endoit, tricoter une maille à l’endroit, rabbatre la maille glissée sur la maille tricotée
3 end. ens. — tricoter 3 mailles ensemble à l’endoit, comme une seule maille

Monter 120 m. Joindre pour travailler en rond. Place un anneau marqueur au début du tour.
Tricoter en côtes 1×1 pour 4 cm (ou jusqu’à la longeur desirée).
Rang d’augmentation: *2 m. end., Aug. I., rép. de * tout autour (180 m.)
Tricoter 1 tour à l’end.

Dentelle de vignes (multiple de 9 m.)
1: *1 m. end, jété, 2 m. end., surj. s., 2 end. ens., 2 m. end., jété, rép de *
2: tricoter toutes les mailles à l’end.
3: *jété, 2 m. end., surj. s., 2 end. ens., 2 m. end., jété, 1 m. end., rép de *
4: tricoter toutes les mailles à l’end.

Tricoter en répétant les 4 tours du motif de vignes pour 10-15 cm, selon votre goût.

En terminant avec le tour 4 du motif, commencer à diminuer pour le dessus du beret ainsi:
(Changer au jeu d’aiguilles quand necessaire.)

1: *1 m. end., jété, surj. s., surj. s., 2 end. ens., 2 m. end., jété, rép. de * (160 m.)
2: tricoter toutes les mailles à l’end.
3: *jété, 1 m. end., surj. s., 2 end. ens., 2 end. ens., jété, 1 m. end., rép. de * (140 m.)
4: tricoter toutes les mailles à l’end.
5: *1 m. end., jété, surj. s., surj. s., 2 end. ens., jété, rép de * (120 m.)
6: tricoter toutes les mailles à l’end.
7: *jété, surj. s., 3 end. ens., jété, 1 m. end., rép de * (100 m.)
8: tricoter toutes les mailles à l’end.
9: *1 m. end., jété, surj. s., 2 end. ens., rép de * (80 m.)
10: tricoter toutes les mailles à l’end.
11: *surj. s., 2 end. ens., jété, rép de * (60 m.)
12: tricoter toutes les mailles à l’end.
13: *2 end. ens., 1 m. end., rép de * jusqu’à les 2 dernières m., 2 end. ens. (39 m.)
14: *2 end. ens., rép de * (20 m.)
15: *2 end. ens., rép de * (10 m.)

Couper le fil et passer-le dans les mailles restantes pour fermer l’ouvrage.

Lazy picture taking and things to come

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So, I knitted this multidirectional diagonal scarf for my cousin, but finished it at the last minute and never snapped any photos. Basically, it looks exactly like this (stole this pic from kimbellina on Ravelry) minus the fringe:

So, until I get some real pics sent to me from Toronto, this will have to do as proof I have been knitting. Can I just say that I am obsessed with this scarf!?! I wanted to keep it for myself. I am seriously considering just knitting everything in Noro Silk Garden from now on, but that might take a bite out of the budget. bah!

The diagonal lace scarf from the last post has been put on hold, because I decided it looked like it was for an old lady instead of an 18 year old girl. So, instead I gave it unfinished to my 28 year old friend that would like it, and called it a day. I will finish it eventually, but have realized that kid silk mohair stuff isn’t really my bag.

On the needles now, I am finally knitting something from Custom Knits — the Indigo Playboy Cardigan. I’m knitting it in KnitPicks heavy worsted city tweed, and am planning to add some colored stripes to the sleeves — maybe like red, yellow, purple… or whatever I have lying around. Waiting on more yarn right now for that though, so I also started on my Ravens hat for the upcoming football season. Woo! (who am I?) Pics to come soon of that. Hats are so quick to knit — I seriously need to make more of them!

WIP: Diagonal Lace Scarf

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Just wanted to post some pics of something I’ve been working on.


It’s the Diagonal Lace Scarf by Helena Frank, in Rowan Kid Silk Haze. Very simple to memorize, and is a great pattern, although my bf told me it looks like it’s going to fall apart…. hmm, I don’t think he understands lace.

My plan is to do a crochet border in a different color, although that is dependent on time. Has to be finished in a month!

BF Raglan

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This was completed in February, but I just now got him in it and posing for pictures! It is my first sweater, and I am extremely happy with both the fit and the style. Honestly, I have been wearing it more than him. : )

I used the Raglan pattern in the Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns, adding 3×2 ribbing under the arms, around the waist, and at the wrists. I also added a zipper collar:

Yarn: Tahki Torino, colorway Navy Blue (mmm squishy…)
Needle size:  US 8 (7 for ribbing)

(Back of sweater + lots of dog hair)


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This is where I wind my yarn… at my kitchen table.


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Finally, a finished one! I actually have been knitting a lot, but have be lazy about photographing the knits. More to come, but let’s start with the hat that I won’t get to wear now that it’s 70 degrees out…

Urchin by Ysolda Teague
Yarn: Manos del Uruguay Wool Classica Colorway 34
Needle size:  US 10.5

I modified the pattern a bit and cast on 28 stitches, because I wanted it to be a bit slouchier. I did 1 extra short row, so I had 11 wrapped stitches on one side and 5 wrapped on the other. Then, I just forgot about row 8 for all but the first triangle, but I didn’t realize that until I was all done, and it really didn’t matter in the end, except that I was confused. I only needed to do 7 triangles, since my triangles were a bit bigger. I really love this pattern. It’s addicting, because you finish a triangle and then you’re like, “ok, just one more…” Oh, and as you can see I added a pom pom, because every great hat deserves one.

A tiny W

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Just needed something simple to knit while watching Bachelor tonight, so I swatched out one letter for the Caps hat I am planning. I wish I could say it was an original design, but I am really just copying this — but white letters on red.

So, that’s a W for Washington, people. Not of the George type. Ha! And it’s knitted on size 1’s. Not looking forward to figuring out how many stitches I’ll have to cast on for a hat in size 1’s….

Pictures to come of the boyfriend raglan (a raglan for the boyfriend). I sewed in the zipper tonight when Bach was over, and I could actually concentrate on something. So, all I need to do is tie in the loose ends… there are many. Either way, he tried on as-is, and I am ecstatic!! No sneak peaks, though. I really want to get in some good finished shots on a sunny day.

Knitting with broomsticks

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Size 50s

These needles make me feel like a miniature person! (Twilight fans, please take note of my Team Edward shirt. hehe)

My sis spotted a scarf on etsy that she wanted me to make. We bought this magenta Burley Spun yarn and size 19 needles, but even with those, the gauge was too “tight.” So, I got some size 50s at my local fabric store, cast on 10 stitches and garter stitched the entire skein in only a few hours. I added about 8″ of fringe to each edge. This thing is loooong. I could wrap it around my neck about 4 times.

I surprised her with it in the Bahamas, as an added Christmas gift:

Super mondo scarf

At first I was thinking this wasn’t really my style, but I actually really like it! An extremely simple knit, very fast, and looks unique. Also, super warm. Another option would be to take several strands of  worsted and knit them on extra large needles like this. They had a few knits like this in the yarn shop that we went to in Virginia Beach, and I thought the style was really cool.

See ya 2008

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Hope everyone had a happy holiday! That’s where I spent my Christmas with the fam. San Salvador island in the Bahamas. Beautiful!

So, the regular new years resolutions apply… go to the gym, stop biting my nails, pack a lunch every day, etc.

Some knitting resolutions…

Projects I’d like to complete in 2009:

  • Finish the Boyfriend Pullover
  • Noro striped scarf
  • Top-down sweater for my mom (using a pattern from Custom Knits)
  • Throw blanket on super large needles with several worsted strands held together
  • Lacey sweater vest (want to create my own pattern for this one)
  • Purple Ravens woolie cap (for next season)
  • Something plaid

Techniques I’d like to learn:

  • Toe-up socks
  • Steeking
  • Cables without a cable needle
  • Jogless stripes
  • 2 socks at a time on 1 needle

Design more patterns… and blog more frequently!!

Here’s to another great year. *clink*

Eyelet Vest

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Eyelet vest - front detail

 This is the Eyelet Vest from Vogue Knitting Holiday 2008. The picture in VK didn’t really do this sweater justice, because you totally miss the lace details, and the interesting construction. I’m hoping my photos will show what I mean.

This was  a really fun knit!! It was quick, and addicting, because it was like a puzzle. When doing each of the sides, every row was different, and it took a lot of concentration to continuously pay attention to the pattern. No favorite tv show watching and no drunk knitting could be involved.

The left and right front pieces are knit from side-to-side, instead of bottom-to-top. The sides are joined to the back in a raglan shape, which makes a very interesting looking back-side, which I love, as backs are ignored all too often.

Eyelet vest - back detail

Now, for my issues.  I followed the pattern, and checked my gauge twice, but somehow I messed up the gauge and the whole thing really ended up bigger than it was supposed to be. Maybe it was the yarn I chose? Maybe I measure mySELF wrong? Not sure, but it doesn’t matter, ’cause isn’t the whole flowy thing kind of in right now anyways? Cinch it with a belt or ribbon? Done. For your info, I knitted a small, and I’m in the small/medium range of the measurements given, so I really had already gone lower.

My other issue was that the back ended up longer than the fronts. This was sort of my fault, because I should have been measuring the back as I went to make sure it wasn’t becoming longer than the fronts, but I was following the pattern the whole way, so I thought I would be fine. Anyways, I remedied this by making a little 2″ opening on each side, so there is a little flap, with the back longer than the front. I thought it was kind of interesting and casual-looking.


Eyelet vest - uneven

So then, I’m modeling the completed sweater for the bf with no disclaimers given, and he says he likes the sides!! I love it!

Eyelet vest - full